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Feeling excited at 92.7 BIG FM<br/><br/> Our Online/Offline Weight Loss/Gain Services Gurgaon and all over<br/><br/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> Corporate Diet Programs and Presentations for Weight Loss / Gain<br/><br/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> UPES Dehradun, Specail Corporate Program on Wommen Health<BR/><BR/> LEVIS, Gurgaon | Specail Corporate Program for their CEO and Managers<BR/><BR/>
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Dietician Prerna Clinic
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Online best dietician, Gurgaon, Noida, delhi, ncr, faridabad,

Dietician Prerna Pal, Training program for the employees of

POSCO IDPC Steel Processing Unit

, Delhi, India on

"Health Related Issues Weight loss or Weight Gain".

Prepared standard meal plans for

"Weight watchers and customized meal plans"

for rest.

Dietician Prerna Clinic, MMTC Corporate program on Diet and Weight Management

Health Checkup

Presentations on

Health and Nutrition

covering all the important topics related with health & food.

Cyclic Menu Planning

Weight watchers cyclic menu.
Menu with

Nutritional Information calculated

for each dish.

Dietician Prerna Clinic, Maruti Corporate program on Diet and Weight Management

Health Checkup programs.

Workshops on Health and Nutrition

covering all the important topics related with health and food workshop for different departments.

AMEX, Gurgaon


Workshop on health and nutrition,

Dietician Prerna Pal delivering a workshop for AMEX employees on

"Nutrition And Health"

AMEX, Gurgaon, HR India.

TDI International, Delhi, India


Dietician Prerna Clinic, Kids and Mothers Nutrition

School Presentation on

Kid's and Mother's Health and Nutrition Program

on the orientation day of

"Mother's Lap"


TDI International School, Sonepat, Haryana

. Mothers need to understand nutrition first then they can create healthy habits in their child. It's not possible in one day.

Welcome to Dietician Prerna Clinic

In my

weight loss

journey all I gained is .....


Most common feedback from our clients. We are thankful to all of our



offline Weight loss


weight gain

clients for making us successful.


Dear Visitors,
In today's world everyone is becoming very much conscious about their health and they want to be healthy and fit. So, it's time to get ready and call your family and neighbors for a healthy treat!!!.
We are serving our best

Weight Loss or Weight Gain

programs for both the services (




) and as a result we are getting



best dietician


best nutritionist

they have ever met. Now we have 2 successfully running

Weight Loss Clinics in Gurgaon

We have not only offline clients from Gurgaon, but we do have

successful weight loss or weight gain clients


Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad

. We do want to announce we are also having

Online Weight Loss


Weight Gain clients from Dehradun

























. On the basis of our clients feedback we are planning to open our another

Weight loss Clinic in Delhi

soon. We have started Online Service for now (Best Dietician in Delhi ).
Proud moment for us when our clients mentioned, not only they got

healthy weight loss

but they have also

learnt art of eating

. So please come and join us today to explore yourself, share your thoughts, update your knowledge about food and other important topics and experience the aroma of recipes, know some eye-opening facts and interesting tips in a very nutritive way with Nutritionist Prerna...
Why Join Dietician Prerna Clinic Online?
I Dietician Prerna feel proud while recommending my clients to join Online Program if they can not visit my Clinic. Online program gives me an oppurtunity to provide my best diet plan to the people living in all the corners of the globe. to It's hard to give my personal attention to each and every location by opening my own clinics but by joining my online program my clients get diet plans and counselling by myself. It makes my Online program more effective. Benefits are the same from Online and Offline programs except people save their time while joining

online weight loss program

Testimonials: Read all Feedbacks...
  • In a nutshell: Very motivating.

    What impressed me:

    Her energy, positive approach, liveliness and her motivation

    to lose my extra fat by eating healthy.

    How did you find Dietician Prerna Clinic: my experience with Dt. Prerna was Excellent,as I enjoyed losing weight by eating. She is the person behind my regaining health.

    Remarks: We satisfied. After joining Dietician Prerna Clinic I came to know the importance of healthy eating.lots of thanks to her.

    Bharti Arora
    School Administration

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • In a nutshell: Best DIET CLINIC.

    What impressed me: Her

    motivating guidelines

    to follow diets.

    How did I find Dietician Prerna Clinic: She is best dietician i have ever met.

    Remarks: I would like to refer Dietician Prerna to the people whom I know. Thanks a lot Dietician Prerna.

    Nalini Gupta
    IT (Call Center)

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • With the help of Dietician Prerna I was able to

    lose my extra fat

    . She planned my diet in such a nice way that

    I never felt that I am not having my favourite food

    . She allowed me to eat ice cream, pizza and my favorite aaloo ka parantha.
    Don’t be surprised, you all can eat parantha and all your favorite food but you need to consult your dietician. I follow what she told me strictly and managed to lose upto 15 kg of weight in just 4 months. Thanks to Dietician Prerna for

    improving my life better


    Rajini Singh
    IT Consultant

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • Dietician Prerna Pal

    is nice dietitian. I lost my wait of approx 10kg within 3month. They give me

    balance diet chart

    to me. I very much satisfy. If any body want to loss wait with diet please try.. Thanks..

    Manuj Trehan
    Businees Owner

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • I got to know about Dietician Prerna Clinic through Internet surfing.After starting the diets, I felt a bit disappointed initially as the results were not satisfactory "as per my expectations" as weightloss seems to be a tough game. But believe me,

    Dt. Prerna proved me wrong in all aspects. I lost 10 kilos in just 4 months

    and all becoz of the diets she gives me as I dont get enough time to spend on exercise on dialy basis.

    I never thought weightloss could be so easy with Dietician Prerna and lots of variety food

    . Tons of Thanks to my dietitian for giving the new look & embarking confidence in me..

    Yogita Kumari
    Software Engineer

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • We can do

    weight loss while eating

    been proved when I joined Dietician Prerna Clinic. Before joining Dt Prerna I tried several sliming centers and gyms but no fruitful results. Every one suggesting to start dieting and we all know dieting is equal to fasting. I know it's too easy to tell people eat high protein diets, less carbs but a Dietician can only help us to balance our diet. After joining not only I achieved

    weight loss around 15 Kgs in 5 months but also it changed my personality

    . All my friends and relatives are keen to know the secret of my new look and I told them with a confidence it's my Dt. Prerna. Thanks Prerna

    Ponam Sharma (Online)
    House Maker

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • Its really good to know about Dietician Prerna as

    I lost 20 kgs in 6 months

    . She gave me

    complete new birth

    as before I cant even think of loosing a kg from myself. She is really a wonderful person who works hard with her clients and gave maximum results. Also its not about sacrificing your food rather its about managing how to eat right. Trust me don`t wait for tomorrow and start enjoy eating from today.


    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • Before i joined the program

    i tried almost everything gyming , dieting . Crsh diet from google but nothing work ...

    One day i was surfing FB nd there i find Dietician Prerna Clinic nd when i read those post that are so motivating nd somthing triggered me

    At my frst appoinment Dt. Prerna motivated

    me in aatern yet carring manner .. I guess in every weight loss situation u hav to have the drive and the determination click here to read more...

    Dr Anukrati Vijayvergiya (Online)

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals

Why Dietician Prerna Clinic ?

No fancy diets


No oats diets


no bran diets


no liquid diets

. Our philosophy is SWL (

Simple Weight Loss

). Simple

Weight Loss

means, just modification in your daily meals and

plan a balanced diet

. Maximum Client's satifaction, must read their Weight Loss-Gain Reviews. Maximum results for all of the clients followed or following our methodology of weight loss i.e. SWL. No

crash diets

only simple food planing which can be easy to cook or easy to prepare in our daily routine.
We are also providing

Online Services

, successfully to help those people who do not have either time or located in different regions. Our online services include all kind of programs like

Healthy Weight Loss


Healthy Weight Gain

. Online client's have same satisfaction level as offline clients (clients visting to our

weight loss centres

). Benefits of our Offline (Visit to Clinic) and online programs are same as we just work on

Diet Pllans


Diet Charts

So, any one who is looking for a

Online / Offline Dietician



for a

Healthy Weight Management Program

or any

Therapeutic Diet Management

must visit us

join offline best diet plans

or Join us

for Online Weight Management Programs

and experience our best diet results. Must read Weight Loss Tips or FAQ.


I always wanted to help people who want to regain their health

(Weight Loss or Weight Gain)

and developed a good and healthy nation. So, I decided to help people through

natural way of eating food

We aim for a

healthy weight loss

, not

just weight loss

. At the same time we try to

educate you about your body

to manage your weight. Our aim is to provide you the

simple diets

and plan all foods instead avoid foods but definitely if you have some critical issue and dieses some foods will be restricted.
On the demands of our clients and the needs of our clients we have developed different

Weight Manangement Programs

to help people in improving their health and live a healthy life. By doing this I feel very satisfied and living a meaningful life.
Client's FAQ Read all ...

How much Assured Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction but without compromising with their health. We do not say

assured weight loss or weight gain

since the weight loss or weight gain should be assured by the clients with the promise that they will follow our program at least up to 90%. Doctors and Dieticians are not God or they do not have magical wand in their hands but believe me if you have found out a

good dietician

she will plan your diet in such a way that if you will follow the diet up to min 80 – 90 % you will see the results. I think now you have understood the answer thatwhy assurance is in your hands as you are the one who has to follow it.

How much can I lose in a month?

We have almost similar answer for this query as for the Assured Weight Loss or Weight Gain. But if someone having no any other disorder or issues they can lose 1 KG per week this is standard weight loss. So in a month we target to make you lose somewhere near 3-5 Kgs.

All who wanted to lose weight more quickly or faster

please do not compromise with the health as short cut can create issues in future. We really feel proud when some of our clients do not lose even a single kg in one week but still they want to continue their program because they are happy with the disciplined routine they are learning from the clinic. When they continue they start losing healthy weight loss. Everyone has different body parameters which sometimes help in reducing or gaining weight and sometimes not.

Why someone lost 8Kgs in 8 weeks and why not me?

"Mrs Gupta ka to 2 months me 8 kgs kam ho gaya but mera to 5 kgs hi hua, aap mujhe unke jaisi diet kyun nahin dete ho????? (:|:)"

Dear friends, every body is different in shape, size, height, weight and other parameters. Do not copy others, just wait and have patience,follow the diet prescribed by your dietician. Have faith on your dietician, she is the one who is helping you to improve your life by balancing your daily food intake. Trust her and follow her, you will be happy and healthy !!!!!Make your dietician your best friend.

Are you giving any food supplement, powder, oat or bran diets or any other fancy diets?

We do not provide any food supplement or any kind of powder.

We do not even work on bran diets, oat diets or any kind of other fancy diets

available in the market. Those people who have joined some fancy diet programs (more popular now a days), once they leave the program for any reason either they are not able to manage their weight or they feel problem having so much fancy foods te lost weight bounces back.

Sorry, we are not at all working on any fancy diets or any other diets.

. With the Regular meal we want to say is a meal which is easy to cook for any one. This is the reason our all clients are satisfied with our diet plans.

I know we should eat less carbs and more proteins what else you are going to help us?

I smile, everybody know what to do so do

we really need expert dieticians any more

? Again I smile. We know less carbs more protein but does this philosophy really works? Do we know how will we get energy if there are no carbs in the diet?Without knowing body parameters, age and routine etc. how can we say how much carbs and proteins? Some people also ask

we know that we should not eat rice,sweets and potatoes etc.

what else you are going to tell us?

Then I asked how much weight loss you had with your knowledge last time? She/he answered, not even 2 kgs in 2 months

. Why? See we Dieticians had studied minimum 6 years to get degree and diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics then we worked in the hospitals and weight loss centers for many years to get work experience and people who are not even from science background tell us to stop carbs to lose weight. We have

not only gained experience but also have earned experience

in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. Internet is helping you to find out important information only which does not mean that we should just follow it blindly.
Health Topics:

Lose your extra fat with the dietician, but without dieting in few easy steps -

Take fruits (except mango, banana, Chikoo (sapota), litchi, grapes, ... » more tips to lose fat

Make your skin glow with magic foods -

Follow it for 7 days, Start your day with 1 glass of luke warm water and ... » more tips to glow skin..

Order smartly whenever you are going out -

Avoid soups which are rich in cheese, trans fats or starch like cheese sauce, man chow soup etc... » more tips order smartly..

Calculate the calories in your plate -

Calories are the requirement for your body throughout the day. But if the calories you are taking are more than the calories .... » calculate your calories..


  • Nutrition is the science that deals with the study of all the processes concerned with growth, maintenance and repair of the living body which are connected in a fairly direct way with the nutrients supplied by food.
Calculate your Ideal Body Weight
  • An approximate calculation for your Ideal Body Weight:-
    For example if you are 175cm tall your body weight should be175 –101 = 74 kg
  • Obesity is graded according to BMI as: • Healthy weight 18.5-24.9
    • Overweight 25-29.9
    • Obesity I 30-34.9
    • Obesity II 35-39.9
    • Obesity III 40 or more


Diet Dose

Most dangerous start and the end of the day. .....

We wake late-lethargic not in a good mood........ Start the day with

tea coffee-decreases the BMR

Skip breakfast or breakfast in.............

» Weight Loss Tips

BMI Calculator


Weight (Kg): 
Height (Cm): 

Diet Dose

Iron Kadai Vs non-stick...........

Generally you are throwing them out of your kitchen just because you need to put a

little more oil

as compared to



» Weight Loss Tips
Right way or wrong way to follow a Diet Clinic or a Dietitian

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