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Online best dietician, Gurgaon, Noida, delhi, ncr, faridabad,

Dietician Prerna Pal, Training program for the employees of POSCO IDPC Steel Processing Unit, Delhi, India on

"Health Related Issues Weight loss or Weight Gain".

Prepared standard meal plans for

"Weight watchers and customized meal plans"

for rest.

Dietician Prerna Clinic, MMTC Corporate program on Diet and Weight Management

Health Checkup

Presentations on

Health and Nutrition

covering all the important topics related with health & food.

Cyclic Menu Planning

Weight watchers cyclic menu.
Menu with

Nutritional Information calculated

for each dish.

Dietician Prerna Clinic, Maruti Corporate program on Diet and Weight Management

Health Checkup programs.

Workshops on Health and Nutrition

covering all the important topics related with health and food workshop for different departments.

Dietician Prerna Clinic, Kids and Mothers Nutrition

School Presentation on

Kid's and Mother's Health and Nutrition Program

on the orientation day of

"Mother's Lap"


TDI International School, Sonepat, Haryana

. Mothers need to understand nutrition first then they can create healthy habits in their child. It's not possible in one day.

Workshop on health and nutrition,

Dietician Prerna Pal delivering a workshop for AMEX employees on

"Nutrition And Health"

AMEX, Gurgaon, HR India.

Diet Clinic Prerna, Dietitian Prerna, Dietician Prerna, Dietician in Gurgaon, Dietitian in Gurgaon

Dietician Prerna Pal, Workshop for kids of Maple Bear, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon on

"Eating Habits"

Your Daily Diet DOSE: Tips and Interesting facts for Weight Loss or Weight Gain

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Why Join Dietician Prerna Clinic Online?
I Dietician Prerna feel proud while recommending my clients to join Online Program if they can not visit my Clinic. Online program gives me an oppurtunity to provide my best diet plan to the people living in all the corners of the globe. to It's hard to give my personal attention to each and every location by opening my own clinics but by joining my online program my clients get diet plans and counselling by myself. It makes my Online program more effective. Benefits are the same from Online and Offline programs except people save their time while joining

online weight loss program


Are you giving any food supplement, powder, oat or bran diets or any other fancy diets?

We do not provide any food supplement or any kind of powder. We do not even work on bran diets, oat diets or any kind of other fancy diets available in the market. Those people who have joined some fancy diet programs (more popular now a days), once they leave the program for any reason either they are not able to manage their weight or weight bounces back. Anyways..... sorry, we are not at all working on any fancy diet or any other diets like oat, bran.. Regular meal we want to say is a meal which is easy to cook for any one and this is the reason our all clients are satisfied with our diet plans.

Iron Kadai Vs non-stick......

These days non-stick cook ware are very much fashion.
People are replacing their iron kadai, tawa and other utencils with these non-stics....But wait.......have you ever thought why are you doing so?????
I have a very common answer to all your question.....
Generally you are throwing them

out of your kitchen just because you need to put a little more oil

as compared to non-stick...right?????

Hey come on friends.....just because of oil you are changing them....

not a right choice i must say....
When you are cooking in "lohe ki kadai" it improves the iron content of your food and this utensil is safe also.....instead of those non-stick utensils which have coated material which is harmful over a period of time....
Aur rahi baat extra oil ki to thodi excercise kar leejiye..........

This is for my friends who love olive oil....

People who think That Olive Oil is the best oil in this world.

All oils have same calories, except olive oil

. It contains 8 calories per 1 gm and other oils have 9 calories per gram.
It means that Olive oil also has the same calories as other ois have and it is also a fat which has all the qualities of fat.
So now you decide you will

choose Olive oil over other oil or just consume any oil but in less amount


When Ambani can why not you??????

Once a person asked to reliance's Anil Ambani how could you be trusted to manage a huge business when you could not take care of your own health?
That time Ambani weighed over 100 kg....Now he is approximately 62 kg. After maintaining his weight.
A person who is

fat or obese

, does not have control over his desires.
It does not mean that fat people can't lead companies or get promotions, it just means they have to work that much harder to prove that they can.

Is it so difficult to fulfill the nutritional requirement????


recommended daily amount actually equates to a quite reasonable two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables every day

which is not so difficult to have in a day...
You can have them in your cereals in breakfast, with chapati in your lunch and dinner and as a snack in your mid day's meal.........
Noe is it so difficult ????

your stomach will be thankful to you !!!!!

We prefer every thing Natural in our diet, but use very artificial things in our daily life.
We prefer green tea over simple milk tea (Indian Chai),
We prefer diet Potato chips over simple potato chips,
We prefer Diet Cold Drinks over Diet soft drinks,
We prefer diet Namkeen over simple aloo bhujia,
We prefer 100% Fat free biscuits over butter cookies,
We prefer Olive Oil over mustard or refined oil,
We prefer brown bread over white bread,
All this for a Big Cause and that is.............WEIGHT LOSS !!!!!
Oops !!!!! then why you use Western Toilets to defecate?????
Every 2rd person is having a problem of Constipation these days and ask me which syrup will work? what medicine they should start? what laxative they should have? Is Isabgol good for me???
I do not understand really and very much shocked also...
When you are so much concern about your health and dietary habits why not you all constipated people start using Indian Toilets...
A complete natural way to remain clear stomach............your stomach will be thankful to you !!!!!

Consume all natural foods!!!!!

The Most important part of a Balanced Diet is.............FOOD !!!
What else you want me to write????
Don't be surprized food include all the food groups (milk/meat/cereals/vegetables/fruits/fat/sugar)in a day's diet......

Consume all natural foods!!!!!

Consume all natural foods whatever it is sugar,fat/oil or even ice cream.
Now-a-days people are getting very choosy in selecting food which is low in fat,low in sugar and low in carbs.They choose fat free ice-creams,low fat butter and oil free potato chips :-))...
It's very easy to make people buy these items as ever body want to be thin or skinny.
Choose natural sugar over sugar free because sugar free gives you nothing but only calories.
Instead, if you consume sugar you will consume little less with the fear that more sugar sugar can make you fat.Same with ice cream..
there is nothing like Fat free ice cream/sugar free ice-cream.
If they are saying fat free and sugar free means they are using sugar substitute that is artificial sugar which has nothing in it and in place of oil/butter they are using trans fats which are more dangerous than oils.Plus you will consume more thinking that it's sugar free and fat free so i can eat 3-4 scoops in a go,But if you are using Ice-cream which has natural sugar in it ,you will end up with only 1 scoop.
So this way you are consuming less calories and having all the nutrients which are present in natural foods.

So next time when you want to lick an ice-cream with all it's flavour and tastes...Grab an ice-cream which you like the most and enjoy it up to the fullest.....

Happy summers................

why don't you enjoy pakoda's and adrak wali chai?????

It's a really nice monsoon here these days.why don't you enjoy pakoda's and adrak wali chai?????
Don't worry friends...i know i am a dietician and being a dietician am i not allowed to enjoy my pakoda's in this monsoon???
Hey come on friends....
You all know pakoda's if eaten 1ce in 15 days (not re-used oil) and that too 6-8 in no......they are not going to make you fat...Instead they will make you stress free and give you feeling of happiness because that is the food for which you are waiting for so not it?????

So grab a cup of tea...I would rather say a cup of ginger tea....which will make that extra fat to burn...and a bowl of pakoda's of your choice...
Happy monsoon !!!!!!
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