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Dietician Prerna Pal delivering a workshop for AMEX employees on "Nutrition And Health" AMEX, Gurgaon, HR India.

Diet Clinic Prerna, Dietitian Prerna, Dietician Prerna, Dietician in Gurgaon, Dietitian in Gurgaon

Dietician Prerna Pal, Training program for the employees of POSCO IDPC Steel Processing Unit, Delhi, India on "Health Related Issues"

Dietician Prerna, Kids and Mothers Nutrition

School Presentation on

Kid's and Mother's Health and Nutrition Program

on the orientation day of

"Mother's Lap"


TDI International School, Sonepat, Haryana

. Mothers need to understand nutrition first then they can create healthy habits in their child. It's not possible in one day.

Dietician Prerna, Kids Health and Nutrition

School Presentation on

Kid's and Mother's Health and Nutrition Program

Medhaam, Gurgaon

Diet Clinic Prerna, Dietitian Prerna, Dietician Prerna, Dietician in Gurgaon, Dietitian in Gurgaon

Dietician Prerna Pal, Workshop for kids of Maple Bear, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon on "Eating Habits"

Diet Dose

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Health Programs:

Why Join Dietician Prerna Clinic Online?
I Dietician Prerna feel proud while recommending my clients to join Online Program if they can not visit my Clinic. Online program gives me an oppurtunity to provide my best diet plan to the people living in all the corners of the globe. to It's hard to give my personal attention to each and every location by opening my own clinics but by joining my online program my clients get diet plans and counselling by myself. It makes my Online program more effective. Benefits are the same from Online and Offline programs except people save their time while joining

online weight loss program

Weight Loss:
We offer different

health and weight loss

programs for different people so that people can choose the program according to their health status. We counsel the people in a way that they can easily follow the diet we are giving them. All diets are personalized according to the client's preference of food and lifestyle.

Dietician Prerna Clinic provides

therapeutic diet plans

, general and other

diet plans

which include

weight loss, weight gain, Diabetes management, Cholesterol management


As I believe in eating healthy and eating all foods which are seasonal so people enjoy with my diets and they are not supposed to compromise even with their favorite foods. With little bit of modification in their daily dietary habits people

improve on their health

and gain their goals in life, whether it is

weight loss


weight gain

or any other therapeutic problem.
My Philosophy is- Enjoy Eating !!!!!

We not only counsel our clients but also

educate them on Healthy Weight Loss or Weight Gain

. We believe in SWL /SWG i.e. Simple Weight Loss or Simple Weight Gain. Now last but not least you should either visit our clinic for offline programs or must speak to us for online programs.

  Programs and Services
Offline Services (Visit to our Clinic)

  • Weight Loss Diet
  • Weight Gain Diet
  • Therapeutic Diet
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Lactating Mother's Diet
  • Kids Nutrition
  • Child Obesity
  • Corporate Menu Planning
  • Corporate Health Programs
  • School Health Programs
  • Workshop on Health & Nutrition
  • Specially designed Workshops For young Parents.
Online Services

  • Weight Loss Diet
  • Weight Gain Diet
  • Therapeutic Diet
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Lactating Mother's Diet
  • Kids Nutrition
  • Child Obesity
  • Specially designed Workshops For young Parents.

1. Overweight & Obesity

Obesity is the most common

nutritional disorder

. It is a state of accumulation of fat in the body. In clinical terms we can say that if a person is having weight which is more than 20 % of his Ideal Body weight than that person is Obese.

Overweight and obesity

are similar to each other but they are not synonymous.

Ideal Body Weight (IBW)

depends on age, sex, body type and height.
Obesity is graded according to BMI as:
a. Healthy weight 18.5-24.9
b. Overweight 25-29.9
c. Obesity I 30-34.9
d. Obesity II 35-39.9
e. III 40 or more

Reference: NICE (December 2006). Obesity guidance

2. Hazards of overweight
Obesity leads to so many problems. When a person is obese or overweight, he/she has to go through several problems like:

Reduced Life Expectancy

Life Insurance data says that mortality (Death Rate) is increased to 12.5% of expected levels in people who are 5-15 % overweight.

Mechanical problems

Obese people, because of extra weight put extra pressure on joints of legs, hips and knees. Sometime it causes Varicose veins in some people because of excess weight.

Psychological problems

Sometime people with extra body fat feel very disappointed and unhappy as they have nothing to do in their life. They do not go out, hesitate to attend parties, do not wear clothes of their choices as they think they will be unfit for those fashionable clothes.

3. Weight loss tips

Weight loss is all about Eating your food

Most of the time people think that if they eat less or skip their meals they will lose weight, but truly speaking weight/Fat loss is all about eating right(as your body requires), on time and eating frequent meals.

Papaya Diet, banana diet, fruit diet….please excuse me

If you think these diets help you to reduce your weight then you are on another planet. May be you lose weight but it will not last longer, I mean there are chance that you will regain that so called lost weight over a period of time.
I personally believe in a gradual fat loss with complete/balanced diet.

Eat whole fruits- No to juices

Have whole fruit instead of 1 glass of fruit juice. In today’s life every body says that they do not have time for their fruit intake. So what they do, they bought a packed juice/ nectar (Company doesn’t matter) and keep that fully loaded vitamins & mineral (which is actually not) pack in their refrigerator and consume it daily to fulfill the daily requirement of their diet. But truly speaking they are not as good as you think. They are loaded with sugar and made after churning and grinding of those delicious fruits.

Don't skip any of your meal

Skipping meals actually makes you fat!!!!!
Don't be.
Well, people generally skip their meals to lose their weight. But unfortunately they don’t lose weight. Instead o weight they lose their health and stamina. If you skip meals and eat less, your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) goes down which leads to less usage of fat and thus do not aggravate fat to burn and the result is No weight Loss. The Only thing which you lose at last is Hope of losing weight !!!!!

Start your day with a whole fruit instead of Tea/coffee

Tea or coffee suppresses the BMR , which ultimately hampers the fat burning process. So, Grab a whole fruit and say yourself-Good Morning !!!!!

Finish your last meal 2 hours prior to bed

Body also need some time to prepare itself again for the next morning. So finish the dinner by 8 pm or 8.30 pm.

4. Weight loss program
Get guidance from Dietician Prerna personally. She will guide you to

lose your extra fat

in a very natural way.
She will personalize your

diet plan

according to your preference and choice.

No Crash diets

at all.
No any

food supplement

from outside, because I always believe in most natural way of eating.
Exercise will give you bonus if you do that otherwise I try to help you in achieving your target weight with the help of diets only.