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Our Online/Offline Weight Loss/Gain Services Gurgaon and all over<br/><br/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> Corporate Diet Programs and Presentations for Weight Loss / Gain<br/><br/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/> CLIENT, BEFORE AND AFTER <BR/>Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals<BR/><BR/>
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Dietician Prerna Pal, Training program for the employees of POSCO IDPC Steel Processing Unit, Delhi, India on "Health Related Issues"

Best Dietician in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

Health Checkup

Presentations on

Health and Nutrition

covering all the important topics related with health & food.

Cyclic Menu Planning

Weight watchers cyclic menu.
Menu with

Nutritional Information calculated

for each dish.

Dietician Prerna Clinic, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Vasant Kunj, Dwarka.

Health Checkup programs.

Workshops on Health and Nutrition

covering all the important topics related with health and food workshop for different departments.

Dietitian Prerna, Dietician Prerna, Dietician in Gurgaon, best weight loss programs

Dietician Prerna Pal delivering a workshop for AMEX employees on "Nutrition And Health" AMEX, Gurgaon, HR India.

Dietician Prerna Clinic, Kids Health and Nutrition

School Presentation on

Kid's and Mother's Health and Nutrition Program

Medhaam, Gurgaon

Prerna Dietician, Dietitian Prerna, Dietician Prerna, Dietician in Gurgaon, Dietitian in Gurgaon

Dietician Prerna Pal, Workshop for kids of Maple Bear, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon on "Eating Habits"

Diet Dose

We never see the product for freshness......

People are becoming so much concious these days about their health, Ideal Body Weight and a fit & toned body. Whenever we are going to the market for......... » Weight loss tips

I always wonder when I see or talk to people regarding weight loss.........

People are doing really crazy things for getting a good matter they lost all health for this. Some people didn't taste wheat........ » Weight loss tips

Obese clients of mine say to me that they do not want to see themselves in the mirror!!!!!

Most of the clients(obese/overweight) asked me that they want to lose upto 8-10 kg of weight in just 1 they hate their body in the mirror............ » Weight loss tips

Weight Loss Program, Gurgaon

We Dietician Prerna Clinic

Palam Vihar (Sector 23A) | South City 1, Gurgaon

has started online

diet consultation, weight loss, weight gain services, Gurgaon

for the clients who can not visit to our clinic either because of distance or different city. We know once you join us, you would "Enjoy Eating" and would encourage other's to join us if they need. Each client is different and requires different attention and diet routine as per the activities. If you are

searching or looking for a Dietician

we would like to suggest first go for the counseling rather choose the package just to save some money. There is no choice, once you paid all. Ask as many concerns or queries you have related to diet she is providing you instead just blindly following her. Now a days there are people joining clinics just as they saw, some

"Interesting name adding before the diets"

. They may lose for some times but do they think that they can manage the same? No never. We would suggest

all you need to chose the normal diets instead fancy diets


Weight Loss | Weight Gain Programs and Services in Gurgaon

Weight loss

, is a very small & very common word these days. People are becoming more conscious about their

health, weight and personality


Everybody knows how to lose weight (biggest mistake people do), and top of that you will have plenty of unwanted advice from a neighbor, friends or colleague if you want to

lose weight

and above that if you Google

Top ten Weight Loss Diets


Easy Weight Loss Diets

etc. on internet, you will have thousands of options. But generally these all diets do not work for a long period. May be in starting you will

Lose Weight

but after you stop following those diets

your weight can bounce back

. These diets are generally

mono diets


crash diets

and very much

low in nutrients

which are require and important for our body. There can be some negative side effects which can harm your body.

We believe in

Total Nutrition


Balanced Diet

, with the help of which you can

lose your extra body fat

and stay in shape. So do not just influence with the ads and offers, at least use your brain.
Dietician Prerna Clinic Online Programs:

  • Weight Loss Diet
  • Weight Gain Diet
  • Therapeutic Diet
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Lactating Mother’s Diet
  • Kids Nutrition
  • Child Obesity
  • Diet for Gout / Uric Acid
  • Diet for PCOD/PCOS
  • Corporate Weight Management Programs
Highlights of Our Programs:

  • No Crash Diets…..
  • No Food Supplements……..
  • No heavy exercise……..
  • Let your body lose with full nutrition and balanced diet….
  • Join us at least with our trial diets (1000 INR for a week or 1500 INR for 2 Weeks)
  • Join us for 4 weeks (2500 INR / month) or 12 weeks (6000 INR for 3 Months )
  • Come to Dietician Prerna Clinic and lose your extra fat with natural diets………
  • Full satisfaction of healthy weight loss

Why Dietician Prerna Clinic?

We understand finding a good doctor is a challange right now and similarly an

Expert Dieticians

. But all of you need to understand the difference between

Weight Loss


Healthy Weight Loss


Weight Gain


Healthy Weight Gain

. We as Dietician Prerna Clinic feel proud when we deliver our services as Healthy Weight Loss and Healthy Weight Gain. Rate of

customer satifaction is very high

. We do not say that we are the best but we know that we are doing our best to be called

best weight loss dietician

by our clients.At the time of counseling we discuss your

eating habits, your daily routine, your profession

etc. Our Dietician / Founder of the clinic Dt. Prerna always acknowledged

best diet counselling

Testimonials: Read all Feedbacks...
  • In a nutshell: Very motivating.

    What impressed me:

    Her energy, positive approach, liveliness and her motivation

    to lose my extra fat by eating healthy.

    How did you find Dietician Prerna Clinic: my experience with Dt. Prerna was Excellent,as I enjoyed losing weight by eating. She is the person behind my regaining health.

    Remarks: We satisfied. After joining Dietician Prerna Clinic I came to know the importance of healthy eating.lots of thanks to her.

    Bharti Arora
    School Administration

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • In a nutshell: Best DIET CLINIC.

    What impressed me: Her

    motivating guidelines

    to follow diets.

    How did I find Dietician Prerna Clinic: She is best dietician i have ever met.

    Remarks: I would like to refer Dietician Prerna to the people whom I know. Thanks a lot Dietician Prerna.

    Nalini Gupta
    IT (Call Center)

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • With the help of Dietician Prerna I was able to

    lose my extra fat

    . She planned my diet in such a nice way that

    I never felt that I am not having my favourite food

    . She allowed me to eat ice cream, pizza and my favorite aaloo ka parantha.
    Don’t be surprised, you all can eat parantha and all your favorite food but you need to consult your dietician. I follow what she told me strictly and managed to lose upto 15 kg of weight in just 4 months. Thanks to Dietician Prerna for

    improving my life better


    Rajini Singh
    IT Consultant

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • Dietician Prerna Pal

    is nice dietitian. I lost my wait of approx 10kg within 3month. They give me

    balance diet chart

    to me. I very much satisfy. If any body want to loss wait with diet please try.. Thanks..

    Manuj Trehan
    Businees Owner

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • I got to know about Dietician Prerna Clinic through Internet surfing.After starting the diets, I felt a bit disappointed initially as the results were not satisfactory "as per my expectations" as weightloss seems to be a tough game. But believe me,

    Dt. Prerna proved me wrong in all aspects. I lost 10 kilos in just 4 months

    and all becoz of the diets she gives me as I dont get enough time to spend on exercise on dialy basis.

    I never thought weightloss could be so easy with Dietician Prerna and lots of variety food

    . Tons of Thanks to my dietitian for giving the new look & embarking confidence in me..

    Yogita Kumari
    Software Engineer

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • We can do

    weight loss while eating

    been proved when I joined Dietician Prerna Clinic. Before joining Dt Prerna I tried several sliming centers and gyms but no fruitful results. Every one suggesting to start dieting and we all know dieting is equal to fasting. I know it's too easy to tell people eat high protein diets, less carbs but a Dietician can only help us to balance our diet. After joining not only I achieved

    weight loss around 15 Kgs in 5 months but also it changed my personality

    . All my friends and relatives are keen to know the secret of my new look and I told them with a confidence it's my Dt. Prerna. Thanks Prerna

    Ponam Sharma (Online)
    House Maker

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • Its really good to know about Dietician Prerna as

    I lost 20 kgs in 6 months

    . She gave me

    complete new birth

    as before I cant even think of loosing a kg from myself. She is really a wonderful person who works hard with her clients and gave maximum results. Also its not about sacrificing your food rather its about managing how to eat right. Trust me don`t wait for tomorrow and start enjoy eating from today.


    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals
  • Before i joined the program

    i tried almost everything gyming , dieting . Crsh diet from google but nothing work ...

    One day i was surfing FB nd there i find Dietician Prerna Clinic nd when i read those post that are so motivating nd somthing triggered me

    At my frst appoinment Dt. Prerna motivated

    me in aatern yet carring manner .. I guess in every weight loss situation u hav to have the drive and the determination click here to read more...

    Dr Anukrati Vijayvergiya (Online)

    *Disclaimer: Results May Vary on Individuals

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We also want to say thanks to all of our weight loss clients, who have shown their faith in our services and mentioned our clinic and Dietician Prerna as a Best Dietitians / Nutririonists.

We are also please to announce that most of the clients are joining to our clinics are referrals or reference from our existing or ex weight loss clients. We are also please to announce that we have also started online weight loss services across India and Global. Dear all weight loss or weight gain clients, many-many thanks for making us successful.

Indeed to get into shape is a challange but together we can make it. We guide you as per your body and you as a client follow us in all the ways.

Last but not the least we do not compromise with your health and do not ask to follow anything that you can not follow to manage your weight future.